Smart Agriculture (AgTech)

Over $135.5 billion worth of American agricultural products are exported around the world.

The industry is growing at a rapid rate with. Emerging technology is disrupting traditional process and proving deeper insights into consumer behaviors and business process. Our team is positioned to help AgTech software vendors and consumer-based technology brands improve process, increase brand reach, and prepare their systems for long-term growth.

Vertical Focus

Ag Equipment Mfg’s

Control Software Vendors

IoT Component Mfg’s

Smart Device Mfg’s

Company Experience

Insights & Case Studies

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    OpenMedium is Recognized as a Leading Advertising & Marketing Company in Colorado

  • Nov212016

    Golf Simulator Company Leverages On-Demand Resources

  • Nov172016

    Company Specializing in Agile Voice of Customer Solutions

  • Oct302016

    Introducing OpenMedium On-Demand


Agile Approach

Our unique process and flexible terms allow us to adapt to your changing business requirements without the need of creating complicated contracts or project change order requests.

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