Expanding Brand Reach With Programmatic Advertising on the Open Web

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About Our Partnership with StackAdapt to Deliver Display and Video Ads for Full Swing.

Full Swing, a leader in indoor golf simulators, wanted to expand their reach to new audiences and open new advertising channels. They faced challenges with PPC advertising networks, such as limited targeting options and high costs per click and needed to adapt their campaign strategy.

How We Helped

We partnered with StackAdapt to plan and deliver an engaging programmatic campaign including display and video placements. The new audiences and channels offered a cost-effective and granular targeting approach compared to traditional PPC advertising networks which were becoming more expensive. Our process included leveraging data analysis to identify high-converting audiences, targeting these audiences with tailored messaging, and continuously monitoring and optimizing the campaigns.

The result of the campaign showed a decrease in cost-per-click compared to the company’s previous experience with PPC advertising networks, and allowed them to expand their reach to a larger and more targeted audience on the open web. Our partnership with StackAdapt continues to deliver programmatic advertising campaigns that help Full Swing overcome the challenges of PPC advertising networks and reach new customers on the open web.

To learn more about StackAdapt you can visit their website at https://stackadapt.com.

To learn more about Full Swing you can visit their website at https://www.fullswinggolf.com

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