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Full Swing Golf’s Emphasis on Strategic Marketing Initiatives

Full Swing Golf ( is located in San Diego, California and manufactures and markets the leading indoor golf simulator to golf professionals, businesses and consumers worldwide.

Floyd Arnold founded Full Swing Golf 30 years ago. Through his vision, his team was able to create a lasting impression and revolutionize indoor golf technology by developing cutting edge golf simulation technology. Floyd and his team developed an infrared tracking system called the “true ball-flight measuring device” which does not infer ball flight statistics from the measurement of the club, the swing, or the golfer.  Instead, this device measures the ball in flight alone.  The technology features state-of-the-art ball tracking and offers clients 84 championship courses with a diverse line of simulators that can be customized for various clients.

Full Swing Golf can be found in over 60 countries worldwide and has optimized the player’s experience with its real-time environment. The technology can be found in the home of PGA Tour players, including Jordan Spieth, Tiger Woods, Padraig Harrington, Bill Haas, Hunter Mahan, Mark Wilson and Patrick Reed.

Explore their brand new S2 Series Simulator featuring a streamlined design for DIY installation and greater space compatibility. Now you can play golf 365 days a year in your club, business, or home.”

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Through Full Swing Golf’s initiatives, golf is now 24/7 with the development of golf simulation.  Their simulators have transformed the game by bringing it to players of all skill levels.  One challenge they have experienced is the need to rapidly deploy a marketing campaign to a strategic initiative because they did not have enough resources, or expertise available in-house to support their project.

Full Swing Golf engaged OpenMedium, and our team was able to provide onsite resources to help execute their projects and train their internal teams on the new technology systems.  In addition, by using AdStage All-in-One Advertising, and Wishpond Marketing Automation, we were able to provide a paid media campaign and marketing automation setup and deployment as well as additional technology support.

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