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Background of Rally Corp

Rally Corp specializes in Agile Voice of Customer (VOC) solutions and enables companies to understand their existing and future customers better. Founded by entrepreneurs, operators, and technology investors who have lived the pain of trying to find a competitive fit when marketing and development dollars are all too scarce.

Rally Corp is a company that focuses on facilitating the conversation between your current and potential customers.  They help businesses connect with existing customers who want to have a productive conversation in order to provide meaningful insights into what’s working and what can be improved.

Company Challenge and Solution Provided

The challenge Rally Corp was having was deploying their initial marketing program because they require a broad range of expertise which wasn’t available in-house.  Our team at OpenMedium was able to deploy marketing resources to their location in order to help support a broad range of tasks.  For Rally Corp our team was able to provide them with expertise in marketing strategy and brand positioning, paid media campaign setup and deployment, marketing automation setup, and deployment, as well as website development.  Through our expertise and using a variety of technology such as Adobe Creative Cloud, AdStage All-in-One Advertising, Wishpond Marketing Automation, and WP Engine we were able to provide them with the strategy, research, paid media, web production, and marketing automation to deploy their marketing program.  

Interested in getting started? Check out their website and form or join a rally to start a conversation. 

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Ari Stoll, Marketing Communication Consultant
Ari is a thought leader, life-long learner, and contributor to OpenMedium’s Logic.Press Insights. Through her experience, she has become passionate about helping companies utilize technology, social media, and digital marketing to help leverage their brand. She has extensive research and writing experience and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others.

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