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For over 6 years OpenMedium has provided GB Capital and Harneys with ongoing marketing and technology support, and I would like to personally acknowledge and congratulate both companies and our team on this achievement.

A successful long-term partnership is built upon honesty and trust, and our partnership with these companies is a testament to our dedication to providing customer-focused business services.

With the launch of our new on-demand platform, we are positioned to provide an even greater level of support to our clients. I’m truly excited about what the next 6 years hold for OpenMedium, GB Capital, and Harneys.

Client Details

GB Capital is San Diego’s finest management company.

GB Capital manages a portfolio of marinas and restaurants surrounding San Diego Bay. Its’ corporate-level management team needed an efficient way to manage all of GB Capital’s websites. OpenMedium presented a network-based strategy and hosting migration plan to support their websites from a single technology system. GB Capital has seen significant cost savings over the last several years as a result of consolidating their website technology.

Harneys on-demand web-to-print fulfillment.

Harneys is a leading international offshore law firm with 12 office locations worldwide. Harneys needed an efficient way to place business card orders and drop ship them internationally. OpenMedium worked with the Harneys corporate marketing team in the British Virgin Islands to deploy a low-cost web-to-print system, which allows office managers to design and order business cards for regional teams.

OpenMedium worked with Harneys to devise a business card solution that meets our unique needs in a cost-effective and efficient way. The service is always personal and prompt.

Susanna Henighan Potter, Director of Marketing, Harneys

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Eric is an award-winning marketing technologist and the Founder of OpenMedium. He is a strategic thinker with a deep understanding of technology and underlying methodologies. With over 11 years of experience developing and executing business programs, Eric has a passion for finding efficient solutions to complex problems.

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