Why OpenMedium?

Because we’re in this together and care about your success. You and your customers come first.

Our Experience

Founded in 2010, OpenMedium has been delivering technology solutions for more than 12 years.

Founded in 2010

Our Commitment

We are a 5-star rated company and base all of our decisions on three core values; honesty, trust, and long-term. We partner with our clients to drive mutually beneficial success.

5-Star Rated

Our Solution

The internet is complicated and presents many risks for companies operating online. Data privacy, security, and accessibility are just a few topics that you need to think about. Our unified approach to delivering solutions allows our clients to grow faster by eliminating operational waste and improving top-line performance.

Policy & Compliance Informed

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a leader in the technology industry by offering a more robust and flexible solution compared to traditional software vendors, agencies, and consulting firms.

Agile At the Core

Our Value

We help companies manage their technology footprint more effectively which often leads to a decrease in costs and increase in efficiency and performance.

Improve Efficiency

Our Process

Our unique process and flexible delivery model allow us to adapt to your changing project requirements and pivot with your company to drive long-term success.

Long-Term Results

Our People

Our senior-level team is passionate about building long-term customer relationships on a strong foundation of honesty and trust. Our combined leadership experience spans 50 years.

Ethical Business Practices

Our Customers Love Us

I was referred to OpenMedium to have a website built for our company. They were able to initiate and complete our project with minimum turnaround time and created an extremely professional and effective looking site. Our project manager saw the process through from start to finish and helped keep us informed with bi-weekly updates.

Mark H.


OpenMedium’s platform allowed me to quickly build a beautiful and functional website for one of my clients. Eric’s knowledge and dedication to his customers is outstanding!
Joe H.

Claim 52 Brewing

I am thrilled to have found OpenMedium for my web design and marketing needs. I really needed help building my website the correct way. Thanks to the OpenMedium team, it was fast and professionally done! Thanks again guys, you rock!!
Olivier R.

New Ride Design

When the company I work for switched our website hosting to OpenMedium, my job got a whole lot easier. Eric and his team have an amazing product that makes managing our blogs and updates simple. Not only is the back end user interface you get with OpenMedium a powerful tool- the support I’ve experienced has been exemplary, and the website is running faster than ever. Thank you to Eric for freeing me up to address the big ideas, instead of struggling to update our website!

Alia D.

LeafTech IT

As business owner who knows very little about website design, digital marketing, SEO, social network marketing, but appreciates the importance of it, I can’t say enough about Eric and the OpenMedium team.

Stephen C.

Evolve Network Solutions

Eric and the OpenMedium team really have it dialed in when it comes to digital marketing and premium web hosting. Their customer service is un-rivaled and they go out of the way to ensure all client engagements surpass expectations.
Eric J.

Fortify IT