Simple Pricing

$799 /mo



8 hrs /mo


$999 /mo



8 hrs /mo


$1,199 /mo



8 hrs /mo


A fully-managed outsourcing solution that scales on your terms.

Platform Access

Manage your resources, initiatives, action items, and deliverables from one system.

Account Management

Every account includes direct access to a strategic or technical account manager.

Work With Anyone

Work with one resource or build a curated team of resources called an On-Demand Solution Team™

On-Demand Pricing

Pay only for the time you use after your monthly minimum budget has been leveraged.

Scope & Initiative Alignment

Month over month we will help you align your objectives, action items, and scope work.

You’re Not Alone

We help you discover, onboard and manage your resources and projects month over month to ensure success.

Our clients love our transparent pricing and flexible terms.

What is included in the base price?

The base price includes access to our managed outsourcing platform and ongoing support to ensure success.

• SaaS platform access and unlimited staff accounts
• Choice of a strategic or technical account manager
• Resource discovery, on-boarding, and ongoing management
• Monthly project scope alignment
• Facilitation of team collaboration and communication
• Hands-on platform setup and account maintenance

What is your hourly rate for services?

Rates are calculated based on the experience, qualifications, and skillset of the resource selected. Our pricing model is very competitive compared to traditional agencies and consulting firms. Hourly rates range between $100 and $200 across our team of experts.

Do you require a contract?

Yes. Like most small to medium sized enterprise products, we require a 3, 6, or 12 month commitment.

Can we try before we buy?

We offer a short-term 3 month engagement for businesses who wish to try before they buy.

How are you different from freelance marketplaces?

Our solution is fundamentally different from self-serve freelance marketplaces (like upwork). Freelance marketplaces are self-serve, meaning they do not support the freelancer or client and charge a “finders fee”. They also do not help you manage your projects to ensure success.

OpenMedium provides a fully-managed experience, meaning we help you discover, onboard and manage your resources and projects month over month to ensure success.

Our approach is more organized compared to self-serve freelance marketplaces, and more cost-effective and agile than marketing agencies and traditional consulting firms.

Can I work with multiple resources?

Yes. You can build a curated team of resources based on your project requirements and business needs. We only require 8 hours per month minimum investment per resource selected.

Hiring 2 resources will require 16 hours per month minimum. Pay for only what you use after your minimum commitment has been satisfied.

In addition, you can switch primary resources every 3 months if your project requirements change.

What are your payment terms?

We require a 3, 6, or 12 month agreement. All accounts are invoiced net 15 days. We accept company checks and bank transfers facilitated by or

After your minimum commitment is satisfied we will invoice you every 15 days for overages. You can set a maximum allowed budget so your team does not go over your budget requirement.

In some cases we will accept a credit card including a 2.9% transaction fee.

Why net 15 day terms?
Our technology and solution is driven by humans. We are not selling a product that sits in a warehouse for half a year.

Services are also performed and delivered on-demand, therefore we expect timely payments from our clients.

We will consider net 30 day terms for clients who sign up for a 12 month engagement and have a significant budget.

What does your platform do?

Our platform allows you to access and work directly with your on-demand resources.  You can manage your action items, submit on-demand task requests, track deliverables, and provide project feedback.

We provide a managed experience, meaning we will help you setup and manage your platform account and facilitate the outsourcing process.

How many hours can I task my resource or team?

You can task your resource or team up to your maximum approved budget. We require 8 hours minimum per month per resource. The only limitation is your budget. Pay for only what you use after your minimum commitment has been leveraged.  We invoice your account every 15 days.

I need support on one short-term project. Can you help?

We help companies outsource their mission critical initiatives and provide incremental support to busy departments and project teams, month over month, which includes small projects. We do not take on one-off projects without a 3, 6, or 12 month commitment.

You could call this approach Business Process Outsourcing or Monthly Retainer Services.

  • “I thought they were very professional and capable. They did great work.”

    Cortney K.Sr. Marketing Communications Specialist, Toro Agriculture