Managed Outsourcing Platform

Discover our managed outsourcing platform.

OpenMedium is an innovative outsourcing solution ready to satisfy the needs of organizations by providing them with the expertise and tools needed to execute initiatives on time and budget.


Our platform is comprised of a web application, service delivery model, and a team of individuals.

We eliminate the complexities of traditional agency and consulting solutions by combining modern technology, structured process, and an expert team of people who share the same values- honesty, trust, and building long-term relationships.

Our managed outsourcing platform allows you to collaborate directly with anyone on your team and monitor their progress at any time.

Unlimited Collaboration1

Gain new insights from our senior-level consulting team. Start collaborative conversations with anyone on our team, submit feedback requests, and track progress.

Workflow Integration2

Task our team with on-demand work orders 24/7. Leverage our platform, or setup on of our integrations to send tickets directly from your internal project management tool.

Continuous Service Delivery

We provide value to our clients through our monthly consulting solutions. Allocate and reallocate resources on-demand. No complicated proposals or change order requests required.



Our simple process and transparent terms help to minimize budget impact across your organization.

Allocate Resources Quickly

You have the freedom to leverage one resource, or many, based on your changing needs all under one transparent and flexible pricing agreement. Our senior-level team has experience in a broad range of disciplines and can allocate and reallocate their expertise based on your changing business requirements.


Decrease Change Order Requests

Whether you need quick insights or deeper involvement, our platform allows our team of experts, and yours, to quickly adapt to changing project requirements and business needs week over week and month over month, without the need of creating proposal change order requests. Ultimately, saving you time and money.

1Includes virtual collaboration using our platform tools. Collaborative services include sharing of knowledge, industry resources, and insights into our expertise.
2Workflow integration connectors are developed unique to customer needs.
3Not created by, affiliated with, or supported by Slack Technologies, Inc., Atlassian, Trello, or Basecamp.

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