OpenMedium Introduces New On-Demand Consulting Solution and Platform

The goal for OpenMedium has always been to provide our clients with continuous value improvements through our customer-focused solutions. An exciting new development for OpenMedium is the new on-demand consulting platform. Through this new platform, companies have the ability to work hand-in-hand with our expert consultants. We provide the expertise and tools that companies need to further their different initiatives.

Unlike big consulting firms, the benefits for using our on-demand platform are not only building a working relationship with our experts but being able to produce solutions that are cost-effective, reliable, and within your timeframe. The ease of being able to choose your own on-demand solution plan is that it can fit within your company’s budget and targeted towards your individualized needs and specific goals. Also, for the same price you can choose to work with one expert consultant on a specialized project, or our entire team. The choices are yours and we bring the technology and expertise to execute your important strategic projects on time.

To truly understand the vision of OpenMedium here is what Eric Hill, the Founder of OpenMedium had to say.

Ari: What inspired you to create this new platform?

Eric: Business today need to react quickly to market changes. Our solution eliminates complex contracts that lock businesses into one skill set or service-level agreement. We created the platform to help business become agiler and to provide a better value compared to traditional agencies and consulting firms. Today, businesses demand more out of their outsourcing partners than ever before. Our solution presents businesses with the flexibility they need to allocate resources when they need them, and on their terms. When you work with us, you gain access to our entire team through our platform, and through one transparent price which companies pay monthly. This approach saves companies time and money and gives them access to a broader range of skill sets that would be cost prohibitive to hire internally.

Ari: What do you see as the top three key things about the new platform?

Eric: The first is transparency, it is popular for traditional agencies to pass work down to junior level skill sets. In some cases, the client does not have visibility or access to the resources or people who are actually doing the work. Our platforms give our clients the ability to collaborate and communicate with anyone on our team. The second is simplicity, the innovative approach we are taking is being able to deliver business services which help to streamline the outsourcing process. With paying just one set fee a month, our clients gain access to a variety of services without ever having complicated proposals or negotiating long-term commitments. The third is efficiency; our clients have the choice of using our platform or their own internal system to manage their projects and track progress. Our platform integrates into the top project management tools which help to minimize the disruption of their internal process.

Ari: What do you think “consultants on demand” can change for companies?

Eric: I know we can help businesses streamline their outsourcing programs. This will help businesses become more agile and efficient. We can help businesses onboard new resources quickly and efficiently that would be cost prohibitive to hire internally. Also, we can give businesses end-to-end support across a broader range of skill sets all in one place without the need of negotiating complicated proposals for individual projects, which is standard in traditional staffing and consulting firms.

We are the “get it done” consulting solution. We very rarely say “that is out of our scope of work and will require a change order document.”

Ari: If you were going to give a one-minute pitch to a company about the new platform what would you say?

Eric: We eliminate the complexities of traditional outsourcing by offering our clients access to a broader range of expertise, without the need of complicated contracts. We give our clients visibility into our entire consulting team. It is popular for agencies to pass work down to their junior level team. Our solution allows you to interact with anyone on our team, all under one agreement. This approach presents businesses with a unique opportunity to leverage senior-level expertise at a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time employees.

Ari: How are OpenMedium and our team of experts different than traditional consulting firms?

Eric: We are not a freelance marketplace or self-service technology application. Our solution is positioned to fill a major gap in outsourcing by providing organizations with a fully managed experience. Our clients gain on-demand access to the technology, process, and people they need to execute their projects and initiatives on time and budget. Our process combines components of traditional waterfall and modern agile project management methodologies, allowing us to react quickly to businesses changes. Today’s project management systems are focused on delivering lower-level tasks, our tools give leaders a clear view of their top-line objectives, while still being tightly integrated with their team’s system.

Eric Hill, the Founder of OpenMedium, has constantly been trying to change the face of the consulting world by building long-term partnerships with clients through bringing expertise, value, and a strategic approve to problem-solving. He believes in a customer-first approach by making long-lasting relationships with more than 40 years of combined, ongoing partnerships.

Our expert team has more than ten years of experience working with local, national, and international businesses. OpenMedium has a global reach with the clients and partner facilities spanning North and South America, Europe, and offshore territories. With our new on-demand platform, OpenMedium has differentiated itself from traditional consulting and agency service providers.

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